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Training Facilities

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Big Room

The Georgetown Football Turf Room was built by Coach Art Briles in the 1980’s. In 2006 we installed state of the art field turf and completely over hauled the entire room. With 5,700 sq. ft. of working space the “Big Room” is invaluable to our program’s success.

  • During the season there is never a day we miss a workout due to the weather. Anytime there is lightning we are able to move the drills to inside the big room to make sure everything still gets covered for the day.
  • During the off-season the big room is used for a variety of off-season drills. From running ropes, speed ladders, mat drills, to walking lunges. The big room helps us Build Champions every day.
  • Other programs use the big room regularly as well. Cheerleaders, wrestling, baseball, track and field and many more enjoy being able to get out of the weather when needed.

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Field House Classroom

Our 2,500 sq. ft. class room is a great asset to our program and school. It is one of the most valuable and widely used facilities we have. A program of over 250 football players must have large areas for meetings, film, and academic tutorials.

  • We are able to seat 125 players at a time in a chair with a table in front of them for tutorials, motivational speakers, character training, and film study.
  • This room is used by many booster clubs for weekly booster meetings, as well as the faculty at GHS for parties and meetings.
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Locker Room

In the summer of 2012 we remodeled the varsity locker room in the football field house. We installed a staph-resistant rubber floor and padded seats in each locker. We are able to accommodate a varsity football team with 73 members and each athlete has his own locker.

  • Each locker looks to have a diamond plate back and footplate.
  • Legacy -- each name plate recognizes the former player that used that locker and his all –district or all- state honor that he received.

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Sand Pit

In the summer of 2010, we added the 4,600 square foot sand pit to our work out regimen. Through donations from our football boosters, we were able to construct one of the biggest workout sandpits in the state.

  • Any thing you can do out of the sand is twice as difficult in the sand! Our athletes know they are going to get a steady dose of the sand pit each week during off season and summer training. From ploys to running ropes to changing direction drills the sand pit makes us better!
  • Not only does the sand make you stronger it is constantly helping you build stabilizing muscles that are going to help prevent serious injuries.
  • Many other programs at Georgetown High School take advantage of training in the sand pit. Girls’ basketball, baseball, and volleyball all find time during their off-season to train their athletes in the sand.

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Weight Room

In the summer of 2012, the field house weight room was completely overhauled. A new rubber floor was installed along with air conditioning, a roll up door, new lighting, and new mirrors all the way around. With 4,000 sq. ft. of space to work out, we can easily workout 75 kids at a time in the remodeled space.

  • The weight room is outfitted with Rogers Platforms and Hammer Strength Equipment. The platforms are completely outfitted with ROGUE high performance rubber bumper plates. The weights and dumbbells are rubber encased TROY barbell equipment. The weight room is the heart of GEORGETOWN EXPLOSIVE POWER!
  • Many other programs such as boys’ soccer, baseball, wrestling, power lifting, and track and field use the weight room daily.
  • The coaching staff at Georgetown High School does a great job of constantly monitoring what is happening in the world of weight training and training our athletes so that they can perform at the highest level.

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