Big Room

Big Room 2 The Georgetown Football Turf Room was built by Coach Art Briles in the 1980’s.  In 2006 we installed state of the art field turf and completely over hauled the entire room.  With 5,700 sq. ft. of working space the “Big Room” is invaluable to our program’s success.
  • During the season there is never a day we miss a workout due to the weather.  Anytime there is lightning we are able to move the drills to inside the big room to make sure everything still gets covered for the day.
  • During the off-season the big room is used for a variety of off-season drills.  From running ropes, speed ladders, mat drills, to walking lunges.  The big room helps us Build Champions every day.
  • Other programs use the big room regularly as well. Cheerleaders, wrestling, baseball, track and field and many more enjoy being able to get out of the weather when needed.
Big Room 1