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2013-2014 Athletic Training Team

The Athletic Training Staff at Georgetown High School strives to provide the best care possible to all athletes.  Recognized by the American Medical Association as allied health professionals, athletic trainers specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses. Athletic trainers, as one of the first healthcare providers on the scene when injuries occur, must be able to recognize, evaluate, and assess injuries and provide immediate care when needed. We currently serve approx. 1700 athletes in both male and female athletic programs from grades 7 - 12 at GHS, Benold Middle School, and Forbes Middle School.

There are currently two Staff Athletic Trainers serving at Georgetown High School.  Vanessa Morales (Ms. Mo) is in her fifth year at Georgetown High School.  Chad Hennessey (Mr. H) is in his eighth year at Georgetown High School.

We have approximately 7 Student Athletic Trainers that assist the Staff Athletic Trainers with coverage of athletic events.  Each Student Athletic Trainer is assigned a sports team by the Staff Athletic Trainers.  They all have the opportunity to travel with their teams and take part in the success of their team.